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Zirb is an extremely unique, exciting product crafted in Austria and sourced from the Austrian Alps. We are pleased to introduce it into the UK and replace traditional Swiss stone pine beds with a more efficient and cost effective product. Zirb brings all the same effects to the table, along with a sense of adventure due its unique packaging and opening experience. 
Health Activation 
Austrian Stone Pine is well-known for its health benefits with Stone Pine beds being very popular across the globe. Zirb takes this experiance further actively circulating the air through the unit to disperse the scent and clear the air.
How does it do it?
There is a direct link between olfactory perception and the emotions produced by our brain in the limbic system. The modern world regularly leaves people’s sympathetic nervous system over-worked and over-activated due to high levels of stress and the Austrian stone pines scent tackles this perfectly providing a balancing effect, nurturing health, wellbeing and sleep quality. The scenet stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system creating a more natural equilibrium within the body.

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The wooden ventilation system works to filter dust and neutralise sweat and unpleasant smells. It helps to control and stabilise humidity and produce a crisper, clearer indoor climate. Zirb can be used in both recreational and commercial rooms. 

  • A Zirb puff can make a lovely addition to a hall or room with a footprint of up to 10m2.
  • Up to 30m2 can be covered by the Zirb Air and is perfect for creating the atmosphere for a more relaxed and beneficial sleep.
  • The Zirb Mountain can cover up to 100m2 and its therapeutic, aromatic and humidifying effects can be the perfect addition to a range of office environments.
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