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Welcome to Zirb an amazing product from the Heart of the Austrian Alps For room air purifaction. Manufactoured in Austria from Stone Pine timber.

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Select your Zirb 
For rooms with a footprint of 10m2 the Zirb Puff 

Up to 30m2 the Zirb Air 

Up to 100m2 the Zirb Mountain. 

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Zirb is a unique product that has been made in from the Swiss stone pine tree. The Zirb air system helps to maintain a healthy nights sleep and reduces stress levels. 

These hand crafted air systems release scent and allow great room humidity which can help to maintain a deeper sleep and lower stress levels lower heart rate. 

The each unit releases the scent of the pine wood into the room a pleasant aroma of the mountains. 

Oils are available to replenish the scent. 

The units are designed to remove air particles allowing cleaner air they also adjust the humidity of the room to compensate the dryness caused by central heating systems and dry hot home heat. 

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